Sunday, September 21, 2014

Captain's Library THE SAINT "Death in the Sky"

Though the tv show ran for several years in America...
...there was no comic book based on it.
Rumor was that The Saint's creator Leslie Charteris was unhappy with 1940s-50s comics based on his novels and refused to allow one based on the tv show.
However, in England, there was a comic strip as part of the TV Tornado comic anthology weekly...
These weeklies had color covers and centerfolds, but the rest of the interiors were b/w.
TV Tornado later merged with other weeklies, first with Solo (from which this story was taken), then with TV Century 21.
The Saint strip survived both mergers, but ended in 1969 when The Saint tv series was cancelled.
Regrettably, both the artist and writer of the strip are unknown.


  1. I think the artist (and therefore possible the writer) may be Mick Anglo.

  2. Ah, would you believe it? I've just noticed that this site is one of yours, Britt. How many have you got?

    1. About a dozen issues of TV Tornado.
      I'll also be running some of the other strips including Green Hornet.

    2. If you don't have the first issue, you can find it in its entirety on my blog. Help yourself.