Friday, July 19, 2019

Captain's Library COUNTDOWN Conclusion

We Must Beat the Commies to the Moon!
It's 1967!
When the USSR announces they'll have a man on the Moon before the Apollo flights can get there, NASA switches to their "Plan B", a flight with a solo astronaut who'll have to "camp out" on the Moon in a shelter already sent there until a rescue ship can pick him up!
Does he make it or not?
Neither the movie or the comic ever answer the question!
While CountDown beat its' bigger-budgeted competitor, Marooned, to the theaters, it didn't garner the reviews, attention, or box office sales the other film received!
OTOH, Marooned never had a comic book adaptation.
Correction...Marooned never had a licensed comic book adaptation.
It did receive several satirical adaptations, including MAD, Cracked, Sick and...
...the only full-color version, which we'll present Sunday!
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