Monday, November 4, 2019

Captain's Library WAR-GODS OF THE DEEP Conclusion

(Note: it seems some of the foreign distributors couldn't make up their mind if the movie was Poe-esque or Verne-esque since the Italian title shown above translates into "20,000 Leagues under the Earth", yet the tag line mentions Edgar Allan Poe!)
Where were we?
Oh, yes...
Trapped under the sea in a crumbling city left behind by an ancient civilization of mer-men, our heroes (and heroine) are led to The Captain, who explains he and his men were smugglers who found their way there a century ago, and the weird combination of gases in the underwater atmosphere has rendered them ageless and immortal!
The gill-men are the savage descendants of the builders of the city, who have forgotten the technology their ancestors used to create the underwater metropolis.
The scientists were brought to the city to repair the failing systems, but a nearby underwater volcano may render the attempt moot...
The adaptation was illustrated by penciler John Tartaglione and inker Dick Giordano.
The writer is unknown, but is believed to be either Don Segall (who did many of their movie books) or Dell editor DJ Arneson.
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