Sunday, April 24, 2011

Captain's Theatre: Video of Captain Video!

Here's a couple of episodes of the LIVE broadcasts that Ed Norton would sit in front of the TV and watch with rapt attention.
Both The Honeymooners and Captain Video and His Video Rangers ran on the same tv network, (the now-defunct DuMont Network), so the legendary Honeymooners episode "TV or Not TV" was not only great comedy, it was also a free plug for another show on the network!

Starring Al Hodge (the radio Green Hornet) as Captain Video and Don Hastings as the Video Ranger. the episodes shown here include commercials performed live by the actors (in character), who then had to continue doing the storyline!
If you liked the 1960s Dark Shadows or still watch soap operas, you can appricaite the joys of trying to sync actors on several different sets as well as primitive special effects!
Compare the episodes with the comic story that ran in two parts HERE and HERE and you can see a major difference in scope due to budget limitations.

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