Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Captain's Library & Theatre: SPACE: 1999 "This Insect Earth" Conclusion & "Return to the Beginning"

Art byArnaldo Putzu
...the synopsis below covers everything you need to know up to this point!
The next story arc takes them to Mars, still over a thousand years in the future!
This tale from Look-In magazine was written by Angus P Allen and illustrated by John M Burns (who had worked on Lady Penelope, but is best known for his art on Judge Dredd and Dan Dare).
Yesterday, we mentioned another version of the "Moon returns to Earth in another time period" plot, so here it is...
"Return to the Beginning" as presented by Power Records!

It's the second and last Power Records story (besides "Breakaway") adapted into comic form.
(The other Space: 1999 audio stories weren't illustrated.)
Art by Rich Buckler, Russ Heath, Mike Netzer, Alan Weiss, and Dick Giordano (and possibly other Continuity Associates/Crusty Bunker personnel).

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Captain's Library: SPACE: 1999 "This Insect Earth" Part 1

In England, instead of a comic book, Space: 1999 appeared as a weekly strip...
...beginning with this story that appeared the month the show debuted on TV, September, 1975!
Actually, you'll see the conclusion tomorrow!
This tale from Look-In magazine was written by Angus P Allen and illustrated by John M Burns (who had worked on Lady Penelope, but is best known for his art on Judge Dredd and Dan Dare).
Note: the Year One episode "Another Time, Another Place" (which also featured the Alphans landing on an Earth, albeit a parallel Earth) had not yet aired, so a story about a return to their home world wouldn't be unlikely.
In fact, Power Records also did a "return to Earth via time travel" tale, but had the Alphans going into the past where they encountered Noah just before the Great Flood!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Captain's Library & Theatre: SUPERCAR "Dangerous Rescue" Conclusion

When Last We Left The Marvel of the Age (as the theme song describes it)...
Art by George Wilson
Investigating a volcano about to erupt, Dr Beeker lands near it's base to set up recording devices while Mike Mercury flies Supercar around to the other side to plant more sensors.
But the volcano begins erupting ahead of it's predicted time, and Beeker is trapped!
Mike pilots Supercar back to rescue Beeker, but a volcanic rock, propelled by the eruption, cracks the vehicle's canopy, compromising the ship's ability to protect the crew from poisonous fumes spewing from the volcano.
Mike lands and detaches the canopy to effect repairs while Professor Popkiss uses a remote control system at their headquarters to send Supercar back to Dr Beeker.
However, without the canopy, more rocks hit the vehicle's interior, damaging the controls.
Popkiss manages to guide Supercar back to Mike Mercury, who has finished patching the canopy, and re-attaches it to the ship to make another attempt to retrive the stranded Beeker...
The cover story from Gold Key's Supercar #3 (1963) was written by Paul S Newman and illustrated by Ray Osrin.
Since we mentioned the theme song earlier, here it is...

Catchy, eh?
Be back next week for another Gerry Anderson series in comic form!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Captain's Library: SUPERCAR "Dangerous Rescue" Part 1

The first of Gerry Anderson's TV series to receive a comic adaptation in the US...
...was also the first of his shows to appear on American TV screens!
Indeed, we will...TOMORROW!
This lead story from Gold Key's Supercar #3 (1963) was written by Paul S Newman and illustrated by Ray Osrin.
BTW, you'll note that Osrin's rendition of the characters is closer to the actual puppets than the later Fireball XL5 comic, which made them normally-proportioned humans.
Maybe that's the reason the American Fireball XL5 comic lasted only one issue!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Captain's Library & Theatre: FIREBALL XL5 "Moon Masters" Conclusion

Art by George Wilson
Sent to the Moon to investigate energy beams affecting Earth's orbit, the crew of patrol ship Fireball XL5 encounter aliens who capture Colonel Steve Zodiac and Doctor Venus...
This one (and only) issue of Gold Key's Steve Zodiac and Fireball XL5 was meant to be the first of an ongoing series like the previous Anderson show Gold Key adapted; Supercar.
However, for reasons unknown, no other issues were ever published.
Written by Paul S Newman and illustrated by Mel Crawford.
Fun Facts:
The model for Steve Zodiac on the painted cover by George Wilson is Steve Holland, best known as the model for James Bama's Doc Savage paperback covers which define the "look" of the Man of Bronze for the last few generations of fans!
Fireball XL5 is the only Gerry Anderson show to air on a network (NBC) rather than syndicated to local stations! (It ran as part of NBC's Saturday morning kid-show block in 1964.)
Both Gerry and Sylvia Anderson did voices on the show.
(Sylvia was Dr Venus and Gerry (using a voice filter) was Robert the Robot.)

As a special treat to Supermationation fans...The premiere episode of the series "Planet 46", written by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Captain's Library: FIREBALL XL5 "Moon Masters" Part 1

Last time we showed you a British Fireball XL5 comic strip... we present the American version, with a decidedly-different "look" for the characters (though the Fireball itself and the other vehicles and devices look as they do on the show!
Discover if Earth survives...tomorrow!
As you can see, artist Ray Bailey "corrected" the characters' anatomy to more realistic human proportions as opposed to the on-screen puppets' over-sized heads with exaggerated features.
The heads had to be bigger than "normal" to accomodate the primitive electronics that controlled synchronizing the mouths to previously-recorded dialogue tracks.
As technology progressed, the heads became smaller until, by the time of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, the puppets had "normal" human proportions.
This was the lead story in Gold Key's Steve Zodiac and FireBall XL5 (1964) one-shot.
Previously, Gold Key had done four issues of Mike Mercury and Supercar with more cartoony art that accurately captured the "look" of the puppet characters.
We'll be presenting one of them later in the month.