Saturday, October 1, 2022

Captain's Theatre ReRun: ROUTE 66 "Lizard's Leg & Owlet's Wing"

Quick: Name the only time Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, & Lon Chaney Jr appeared together on-screen...
...and they played themselves, not characters, though two of them appear in makeup as monsters they made famous...
It was the Halloween 1962 episode of the long-running tv series Route 66, entitled "Lizard's Leg & Owlet's Wing" written by noted scriptwriter Sterling Siliphant.
(The ep actually aired on October 26, 1962, but it was promoted as a "Halloween treat".)
It's played for laughs, but the veteran actors are treated with affection and respect.
(Obviously, the writer, crew, and cast were fans.)
As a Halloween treat (no trick), the uncut episode (with the original 1962 commercials) is right here...

Happy Halloween!
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