Monday, March 17, 2014

Captain's Library GREEN HORNET "Kingpin of Crime"

For St Patrick's Day, we're featuring our favorite Son of the Old Sod...
...Michael Aloysious Axford, in a never-reprinted comic book tale adapted from an episode of the long-running radio show, The Green Hornet!
Most people don't know that the character of Mike Axford actually pre-dates the The Green Hornet, appearing on an earlier, but now forgotten, radio series, Warner Lester: Manhunter, by the same writer/producer team, Fran Striker and George Trendle!
Axford was a police chief suspected, then cleared, of corruption who resigned from the force and joined Lester in a detective agency.
BTW, It's mentioned on The Green Hornet that Axford is a retired policeman, but his rank was never specified.
It would make sense that Dan Reid would hire as presitigous a retired cop as possible to be his son, Britt's bodyguard, and who better than an ex-police chief?
There's more about Axford's long run on radio HERE.
Though the scripter of the adaptation from Harvey's Green Hornet Fights Crime #35 (1947) is unknown, the art is by long-time pro Al Avison.
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