Monday, May 30, 2011

Comix Class: MOVIEMAKING ILLUSTRATED Part 2: SHOTS Image & Distance

It may be Memorial Day, but class is once more in session..., pay attention!
We're about to get technical!
Next Time:Continuing Part 2: SHOTS,  3: Movement, 4: Angle and 5: Depth

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Captain's Library: CAPTAIN VIDEO "Secret of Sun City"

Captain Video's very first comic appearance.
While the writer is unknown, the art is by George Evans (pencils) and Martin Thal (inks).
As far as I can determine, Dr Raphael Hypnox was created for the comic book, but the whole story has the feel of a tv series script, with emphasis on  cliffhanger-type escapes, hand-to-hand combat and minimal use of equipment and scenes (except for the brief look at Sun City) which would've required special effects on the tv show.
Compare this tale with a story from issue #5 we presented in our very first blog entry, which features Cap and the Video Ranger traveling to the Moon and battling green-skinned aliens!

Another thing you'll notice is that Captain Video looks different here than in the later story. That's because the story from #5 used Al Hodge as the model for Cap. This tale has a more "generic" Captain Video who seems to be a cross between Judd Holdren (left), who played Cap in the movie serial and Richard Coogan (right), who was the first tv Captain Video, before Al Hodge.

We'll be presenting the complete Captain Video comic saga over the next few months!
Bookmark us so you don't miss it!

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Monday, May 23, 2011


Class is now in session...
Let's begin with fundamentals, with examples by Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Gene Colan, and Marie & John Severin, among others.
Next Monday: Part 2: SHOTS 1: Image and 2: Distance

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Comix Class: MOVIEMAKING ILLUSTRATED: the ComicBook FilmBook

Starting Monday, Captain Video will present a complete chapter each week from this long out-of-print handbook which utilizes Marvel Comics artwork to demonstrate cinematography in storyboard fashion.
In fact, noted comic and animation artist Scott Shaw! used it in his storyboarding class...
I used to teach a class in storyboarding for the animation union here in Los Angeles. At the time, there was a tremendous influx of comic book talent from the Philippines come to work in animation. Many of these artists had no previous experience working in this field, plus there was a certain learning gap due to language and culture. Although this book really isn't particularly well-done (comics and film AREN'T as similar as some folks think), I frequently used pages from it when trying to help my Filipino students. Once they figured things out, many of 'em went on to do LOTS of professional storyboard work in the animation biz.
Considering how many current artists have problems grasping the essentials of storytelling (not illustrating, storytelling), perhaps an updated version of this should be standard reading.
Until then, this will have to do.
Class convenes Monday.
Don't be late and bring an Apple (iTouch or iPad will do) for the teacher. ;-)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Captain's Library: FLASH GORDON THE MOVIE Conclusion

With Vultan and the HawkMen behind him, Flash Gordon pilots the captured WarRocket Ajax towards Mingo City to
a) stop the wedding of Ming the Merciless to Dale Arden
b) Save Earth from Total Devastation
(in that order)
Buckle up and join us for the big finale...