Friday, October 30, 2015

Captain's Library SUPERGIRL: THE MOVIE "Conclusion"

...exiled to the Phantom Zone by the sorceress Selina, Supergirl encounters Zaltar, her eccentric friend from Argo City whose machinations led to the loss of the Omegahedron, a Kryptonian power source now in the possession of Selina.
To ensure Kara returns the Omegahedron to Argo City, Zaltar leads her to the one, incredibly-dangerous, way out of the Phantom Zone...
The sequence with Selina's evil doppleganger did not appear in the final film.
In the movie, the monster she battled earlier reappears and almost destroys her before she sends it, Selina, and Bianca into the Quantum Vortex.
Writer Joey Cavalieri and artist Gray Morrow were working from earlier drafts of the script, and included elements that either were not filmed at all or were cut from the American theatrical version of the movie.
The DVD/Blu Ray versions (there are several) all contain bits and pieces of story that were not in the American release.
The most complete version is the HTF novelization by Norma Fox Mazer, a noted juvenile book author of the 70s-90s.
Here's the Gray Morrow original art for the final page of the story....
And watch Supergirl on CBS for the adventures of the new live-action Kara Zor-El!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Captain's Library SUPERGIRL: THE MOVIE "Part 3"

...searching for the Omegahedron (a Kryptonian power source lost on Earth), Kara creates the identity of Clark Kent's (aka Superman's) cousin, Linda Lee to become a student at Midvale School where she's given a dorm room with Lois Lane's younger sister, Lucy.
Meanwhile, evil sorceress Selina (who now posesesses the Omegahedron without knowing its' full capabilities) sends an invisible creature to destroy Kara after the teenager interferes with the sorceress' attempt to seduce young gardner Ethan...
The creature "seen" in this battle in the comic (and in the French poster at the top of this post) is never shown clearly in the movie.
It reappears in the finale of the film, but not the comic, which features Supergirl battling a different monster!
The saga continues, tomorrow, back at our "sister" blog, Heroines!
Extra: Here's a scan of the original art for page 29.
A lot sharper and clearer than the printed page.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Captain's Library SUPERGIRL: THE MOVIE "Part 1"

How Kara Zor-El traveled to Earth...
...from the never-reprinted Supergirl Movie Special comic adaptation!
Will she like it on Earth?
Find out tomorrow on our "sister" blog Heroines!
Written by Joey Cavalieri, illustrated by Gray Morrow, this tale contains story elements not in the American theatrical release, since they were working from earlier versions of the film's script!
Here's a special treat.
The printing on the Supergirl Movie Special was, to put it bluntly, horrible.
DC was experimenting with ways to keep costs down, and one of them was switching from then-standard letterpress printing to less-expensive flexographic printing, which, unfortunately produced rather blotchy printing in solid color areas and loss of detail in linework.
(It was meant for use on cardboard, plastic, metal...almost everything else besides the newsprint that comic book interiors were printed on!)
Here's a few of the pages seen above, scanned from the original art...
Page 1
Page 7
Page 10

Friday, October 23, 2015

The ORIGINAL Live-Action Supergirl is Coming...!

...starting on Monday, the day the series debuts, we (along with our "sister" blog Heroines) will be re-presenting the never-reprinted comics adaptation of the 1985 Supergirl movie!
You'll see her origin, from the time she leaves Argo City to arrive on Earth.
You'll discover her connections to Superman (including family and friends)!
You'll see action in the comic from the original movie script that's not in the final film!
Don't miss it...or the TV series!