Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Captain's Library: THE TIME MACHINE Conclusion

A disappointed George, seeing how Mankind of the far future has become the indolent Eloi, wants to return back to his own time, but...
Unfortunately, the comic leaves out the movie's kool finale tag about George taking three books from his personal library back to the future...but we don't know which three books!
Check out the

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Captain's Library: THE TIME MACHINE Part 2

What has gone before...
Just after New Year's Day, 1900, an inventor named George invited his closest friends to dinner at his home.
He showed up atypically late, exhausted, his clothes in tatters, then began to relate the startling tale of what happened to him.
He spoke of how he had developed a device to travel back and forth in time, and demonstrated a prototype to them several days earlier, and how they dismissed it as special effects trickery.
And, he informed them that, after they left for the evening, he decided to use the full-sized version of the device himself.
After making small jumps of minutes, then hours, George decides to really test the Time Machine's capabilities...
Why aren't they safe?
What threat could possibly exist in this idyllic Eden?
Discover the terrifying secret tomorrow...if you dare!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Captain's Library: THE TIME MACHINE Part 1

In the 1950s-60s, George Pal was the producer of high-end science fiction and fantasy flicks.
His name on the opening credits assured audiences of state-of-the-art (and often Oscar-winning) special effects, clean storytelling, and a respect for the stories his films were adapted from.
1960s The Time Machine was no exception.
We'll find out...tomorrow!
You'll note the shots we see of the Time Machine itself, as well as George's miniature model don't match the props seen in the film, though the likenesses of actors Rod Taylor, Alan Young and others are pretty recognizable!
Pencils by Alex Toth.
However, the inking is different enough from his usual work of the period, that I'm not certain it is him, even though most sources attribute it to Toth.
In fact, it looks like a couple of different inkers do different sections of the book.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Captain's Theatre: Video of Captain Video!

Here's a couple of episodes of the LIVE broadcasts that Ed Norton would sit in front of the TV and watch with rapt attention.
Both The Honeymooners and Captain Video and His Video Rangers ran on the same tv network, (the now-defunct DuMont Network), so the legendary Honeymooners episode "TV or Not TV" was not only great comedy, it was also a free plug for another show on the network!

Starring Al Hodge (the radio Green Hornet) as Captain Video and Don Hastings as the Video Ranger. the episodes shown here include commercials performed live by the actors (in character), who then had to continue doing the storyline!
If you liked the 1960s Dark Shadows or still watch soap operas, you can appricaite the joys of trying to sync actors on several different sets as well as primitive special effects!
Compare the episodes with the comic story that ran in two parts HERE and HERE and you can see a major difference in scope due to budget limitations.

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It's Easter! Here's Some Bunnies!

Much MORE Bunny action HERE!
 Tune in Tomorrow for
The Time Machine
(but not by bunnies!)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Captain's Library: CAPTAIN VIDEO "Dark Side of the Moon" Conclusion

Read the first part of this tale HERE.
Aliens operating on the Dark Side of the Moon plan to attack Earth, and only Captain Video (with the Video Ranger) can stop them...
You may ask, "What's so special about this? It's typical sci-fi."
And you'd be right.
Except, due to it's low-budget nature, the Captain Video TV show and movie serial showed aliens who looked like this...
The "alien invasion force" from Captain Video; the Serial. Note Captain Video (Judd Holdren) and the Ranger on the left in clever disguises.
Only in the comic, unencumbered by financial or special effect restrictions, was the full, unfettered potential of the show realized.

Tune In Tomorrow for a couple of episodes from the tv show!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Captain's Library: CAPTAIN VIDEO "Dark Side of the Moon" Part 1

Yes, Ed Norton's idol, TV's first space commander, takes on evil wherever it threatens Mankind!
From Captain Video #5, pencils by George Evans, inks by Martin Thall...
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