Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Captain's Library / CoronaVirus Comics STAR TREK SPECIAL "Flesh and Stone" Part 1

What threat could require the efforts of doctors from every Star Trek series (pre-CBS All-Access)?
Buckle up, space cadets!
You're about to find out...
Dr McCoy here looks as he did in "Encounter at Farpoint", the premiere episode of Star Trek the Next Generation...
...in a scene with Dr Crusher's friend and shipmate, Data!
There (AFAWK), are three other doctors who served as Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise NCC-1701 (chronologically)...
  • Dr Sarah April: medical officer and wife of the ship's first commander, Captain Robert April in "Counter-Clock Incident"
  • Dr Philip Boyce: Captain Christopher Pike's medical officer in "The Cage/The Menagerie"
  • Dr Mark Piper: Captain Kirk's first medical officer in "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
...but all would've been deceased as of the timeframe of this story.
Dr. Pulaski, though referred to as medical officer of the USS Repulse, was Dr Crusher's replacement on the Enterprise during STtNG's second season.
Crusher returned in the third season.
The conclusion to this story, including flashback to McCoy's encounter with the disease during the time of the original series can be seen tomorrow at...
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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Captain's Library & Theatre / CoronaVirus Comics I AM LEGEND: AWAKENINGS "Death as a Gift"

In the world of the movie I Am Legend (2007) you are either immune or not.
There are far fewer who are immune...
...now there is one less.
When the post-apocalyptic pandemic movie I Am Legend opened, this comic, which combined both new material and adaptations of several motion comics from the film's website was distributed to comic stores and movie theaters!
This melancholy story, by writer Dawn Thomas and artist Jason Chan, was either adapted from the motion comic, or the motion comic was based on it.
(I'm not certain which)
Death As A Gift (Motion Comic) from Sanity Jane on Vimeo.
You'll see the other stories...soon!
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(But not the 1960s Vincent Price adaptation.
That one, you can get here...)