Saturday, October 1, 2022

Captain's Theatre ReRun: ROUTE 66 "Lizard's Leg & Owlet's Wing"

Quick: Name the only time Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, & Lon Chaney Jr appeared together on-screen...
...and they played themselves, not characters, though two of them appear in makeup as monsters they made famous...
It was the Halloween 1962 episode of the long-running tv series Route 66, entitled "Lizard's Leg & Owlet's Wing" written by noted scriptwriter Sterling Siliphant.
(The ep actually aired on October 26, 1962, but it was promoted as a "Halloween treat".)
It's played for laughs, but the veteran actors are treated with affection and respect.
(Obviously, the writer, crew, and cast were fans.)
As a Halloween treat (no trick), the uncut episode (with the original 1962 commercials) is right here...

Happy Halloween!
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Thursday, September 15, 2022

My Article "Captain's Library: THE SHADOW 'Vampire Hall' " SOMEONE ELSE'S blog!

I posted this article about multiple version of this Shadow story in 2013...

This story of The Shadow vs a vampire was so popular it was done three times...
...first as a Shadow pulp novel by Walter Gibson in 1942, then as the 1943 comic story you're about to read which combines elements of both the pulp and radio show versions of Lamont Cranston and his alter-ego...

...and to complete the cycle, this story was adapted into the September 1946 season opener of The Shadow radio show, entitled "Vampires Prowl at Night"! imagine my surprise to see it...verbatim...posted in 2021...eight years later...HERE!
The "author" didn't even provide a link to my original post!

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Thursday, July 21, 2022


...M Bison detects Colonel Guile's cloaked attack runabouts and destroys them, triumphantly proclaiming "GAME OVER!"
But, is it really over?
Meanwhile, his resident scientist, Dhalsim, is having second thoughts about working for the mad dictator...
Will we finally see the "purity of unarmed combat" demonstrated by the bitter arch-enemies?
Find out in the astounding conclusion at...
on Friday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022


...Shadaloo's demented warlord, General M Bison, holds 63 Allied Nations relief workers hostage, demanding $2 billion or he'll kill them all within 72 hours.
AN Colonel Guile, seeking clues to their whereabouts, captures one of Bison's lieutenants, Sagat, his gang, and two con men who were trying to trick the crimelord into buying weapons...which were really toys!
Guile offers the con men, Ken and Ryu a pardon if they'll escape with Sagat's crew and lead them to Bison's HQ.
To make it look convincing, Guile fakes his own death at the hands of the con men, who get away with the gangsters.
But, nosy reporter Chun-Li Zang may screw up the proceedings...
The Invasion Begins on Wednesday at...
Pop Art Martial Arts

Sunday, July 17, 2022


Beginning the re-presentation of a comic adaptation of a movie adapted from a video game....
...and yes, you read that correctly!
You, dear reader, can "check it out" Monday at...
Written by Mike Avennie, penciled by Nick Napalitano, and inked by Bob Downs; the comic contains story elements and dialogue from several versions of the movie's script, so there are some fascinating differences from the actual movie!

Monday, May 30, 2022

Dick Tracy Villain "Returns" to the Comic Strip...

...despite never having appeared in the comic strip...or comic book...or text story...

...or the serials/b-movies/1950s live action TV series/1960s and 70s animated shows, or the Warren Beatty movie...or any other incarnation the public saw!
So who the hell is he?
In the spring of 1966, due to the phenomenal success of midseason replacement Batman, ABC asked producer William Dozier to try out other comic properties as TV series for the 1966-67 season.
He considered three...
Wonder Woman
...which resulted in a test reel featuring gorgeous future Planet of the Apes starlet Linda (Nova) Harrison as Wonder Woman...(actually a delusional Diana Prince's self-image of herself) which you can see HERE.
The Green Hornet
...which had a half-hour pilot, then a one-season series that (damn it) still isn't available on DVD/BluRay or streaming!
Dick Tracy a half-hour pilot starring future soap opera fixture Ray MacDonnell as the square-jawed hero!)
The villain of the episode was Victor (King Tut) Buono as Mr Memory, a villain who used computers linked directly to his brain...

In reference to the "henchmen" the as yet-unnamed character above mentions, Tracy made short work of them using karate!
(Dick was a serious kick-ass in this version!)
There's a kool blog entry about the pilot HERE with a link to the pilot on YouTube!
Is the character in the strip, in fact, Mr Memory?
Keep reading in your local paper or 
HERE to find out his nefarious plor for revenge!
(Trivia: there wasDick Tracy novel by William Johnston issued in 1970 featuring a villain named "Mr Computer".
Since Johnston was primarily a novelization writer doing books based on TV series and movies ranging from Get Smart to Room 222 to Klute to Caligula, I suspect this was based on unused plots for the TV series featuring Mr Memory.)

Friday, April 15, 2022

Captain's Library KING OF KINGS Part 3

You may be wondering "Where's Parts 1 & 2?"...
Jeffrey Hunter as Jesus Christ
...and the answer is; we haven't run them yet!
Since it's Good Friday, we're presenting the Dell Comics adaptation of the final part of the 1961 movie, covering the period from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection.
We'll run the first part around Christmas, and the second shortly after that.
While the writer for this movie adaptation from Dell's Four Color Comics #1236 (1961) is unknown, the artist is Gerald McCann, a pulp artist who moved to comics in the early 1950s and did numerous Classics Illustrated covers and stories including "Abraham Lincoln" and "Ben-Hur".
Here's "six degrees of separation" only five degrees!
  • John Huston, who later did a prequel movie, The Bible: In the Beginning, directed Moby Dick, using a screenplay adapted by Ray Bradbury from the Herman Melville novel.
  • Ray Bradbury wrote the voiceovers in King of Kings spoken by Orson Welles.
  • Welles' The Shadow and Mercury Theatre co-star Agnes Moorehead served as dialogue coach to  Jeffrey Hunter (Jesus Christ) in King of Kings.
  • Jeffrey Hunter later played Christopher Pike, the first captain of the Starship Enterprise in the pilot episode of Star Trek, "The Cage".
  • Star Trek did an episode, "Bread and Circuses", about a planet where parallel evolution produced a society that resembled a 20th Century version of the Roman Empire, complete with it's own Christians and Jesus Christ (who doesn't appear on-camera, but is mentioned in dialogue)!
Who says comics ain't educational?