Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Captain's Library ARRGH! "Night Gawker"

Sadly, there was no comic book based on The Night Stalker during it's short-lived ABC run in 1974-75...
...except for this never-reprinted parody in Marvel's ARRGH! #4 (1975).
Let's look under the Tom Sutton/Marie Severin cover...
The art's much looser than the usual hyper-accurate caricatures we've come to expect from Marvel spoofs (like "Blechhula", as seen HERE!), but the almost-abstract exaggeration works well telling the story!
The strange thing is that this 10-pager reads pretty much like an episode of the show!
Kolchak investigates creatures that get the best of the Chicago Police, gets in trouble with both the cops and his boss, comes up with the solution to defeat/destroy the menace, yet the evidence of the creature's existence is inevitably destroyed (sometimes deliberately) and he has no story to publish!
Interesting that neither writer Russ Jones (using "Jack Younger" as a pseudonym since he was also writing for Atlas/Seaboard Comics) and penciler Jerry Grandenetti were regular Marvel contributors!
In fact, this was only Grandenetti's second art job ever for Marvel, after a war comic tale in the mid-1950s!
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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

CREEPSHOW is Coming Back!

Streaming service Shudder will present a new series early next year...
Based on the movie written by Stephen King, directed by George Romero, and inspired by EC Comics, the new series will be executive-produced, and occasionally directed by Greg (The Walking Dead) Nicotero who will also supervise the show’s creative elements.
How close will they stay to the comic book-inspired "look" of the original movie?
Guess we'll have to log on to find out...
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