Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Captain's Library: CAPTAIN AMERICA "Adventures of Captain America" Part 1

Poster from the 1944 movie serial!
We're presenting a slightly-different story this week, a fictional tale on the real-life filming of the reel-life Captain America serial from 1944!

Movie serial authority (and occasional comic book writer) Don Glut pitched a story to Marvel about how Captain America and Bucky ended up working on the Republic Pictures movie serial in order to stop a plot by the Red Skull to sabotage the film's production!
The story, told in flashback, began as Private Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes went on leave...
"Democracy Pictures" = Republic Pictures
"Sundown Dawson" = Sunset Carson, noted 1940s Western b-movie actor.
"Lyle Dekker" = Howard  & Theodore Lydecker, Republic Pictures' SFX wizards
"Glenn Reeper" = stuntman Dale Van Sickel. "Whit Spencer" = directors William Whitney & Spencer Bennett. Everything (except the reason for no Bucky in the serial) is true!
"Tim Irons" = stuntman Tom Steele
"Jet-Man" poster in panel one refers to the "Rocket Man" serial!
The REAL Lydecker Brothers were NOT Nazi agents! ;-)
We're ending today's entry on (what else?) a cliffhanger!
But, it's not just a make-believe one as things are about to turn deadly on-set!
Tune in tomorrow for both
1) the astounding conclusion
2) and some more background info about the movie serial!
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