Friday, July 15, 2011

Captain's Library & Theatre: SPACE GHOST "Zorak's Revenge"

This is an adaptation of the "pilot" episode of the animated series with one amazing difference...the design of Zorak and his MantisMen is totally different than the version shown on the tv series and all of Zorak's subsequent appearances!
As you can see, Zorak in the episode looks quite different...

Note: the original link was disabled.
The only one I could find on YouTube was in Spanish.
At least it has the original music and sound effects!

Oddly enough, according to the Grand Comics Database, this was originally called "Tazang's Revenge".
Whether that was Zorak's original name on the tv series or the intent was to portray a totally-different character in the comic book story is unknown. (Remember, they didn't have the Internet, dvds, or even home videotape in 1966, so there would be no way for viewers/readers to compare the aired episode and the comic!)
Script adaptation by Don R Christensen, art by Dan Spiegle, doing a damned good job matching Alex Toth's character designs!

featuring retro-kool '60s characters!

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