Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Captain's Library: CAPTAIN VIDEO "Legion of Evil" Conclusion

Captain Video, accompanied by the young Video Ranger, meets an old friend, a botanist, at a train station.
However, others with an evil agenda have followed the hero and attempt to kidnap the scientist.
Managing to stop the attack, Cap contacts the FBI who confirm that another scientist, Prof Harry Peters, is carrying vital atomic secrets that must reach FBI headquarters, and that the evildoers mistakenly followed Captain Video, believing he was meeting the atomic expert!
The criminals attack again, and the heroic duo lure them away from the train.
Evading capture, the Captain and Ranger return to their futuristic aircraft, the WhirloJet, to fly to their headquarters and use it's advanced technology to find the now-missing Professor Peters!
But they are intercepted by a flight of unidentified jet fighters who engage them in a dogfight!
Though badly outnumbered, Captain Video's superior flying skills and advanced weaponry enable him to defeat the armada of enemy aircraft.
Inspecting the wreckage, Video and the Ranger discover the pilots are high-profile criminals, normally bitter enemies, who are now working together to capture the atomic scientist!
Returning to his secret base with the prisoners, Captain Video learns Prof. Peters has managed to reach FBI headquarters, which then comes under armed assault...
That's a helluva lot of story to cover in one tale, and it wasn't even the cover feature!
Though the Grand Comics Database lists George Evans as the penciler and inker of this tale from Captain Video #2, a number of pages show the unmistakable layouts of penciler Bob Brown, who has numerous credits for DC, Atlas (Marvel) and St. John during this period, but none for Fawcett (Captain Video's publisher).
However, in this era, it wasn't unusual for artists who either worked in the same studio space or lived near each other to help to meet deadlines.
So I'm going to go with Bob Brown on pencils and George Evans on inks.
The writer, though, is unknown.

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