Friday, September 23, 2011

Captain's Library: THE GREEN HORNET "Crime at Floodtime" Conclusion

The original art for the cover for this issue
In 1946, The Boy Heroes were watching a TV broadcast of The Green Hornet's "latest" adventure as he battles a group of criminals using a captured Japanese mini-sub to loot a flooded town.
Lenore Case, assisting Britt Reid in covering the flood for his newspaper, The Daily Sentinel, was captured after she inadvertently stumbled upon the crooks' base of operations in an abandoned lighthouse.
Casey manages to activate the lighthouse's lantern, in the hopes of signaling help...
You'll note at this point in time, Casey doesn't know her boss, Britt Reid, is The Hornet.
She admires The Hornet and believes he's a misunderstood "good guy", not a notorious criminal.
Within a year she'll learn her boss' secret identity both in the comics and on the radio show.
Speaking of which, most of The Green Hornet comic stories were derived directly from the radio show scripts.
This one, from All-New Comics #13, was, obviously, not.
And, there's no Kato, Black Beauty or gas-gun in the "tv episode"!
The scriptwriter is unknown, but the artist is Al Avison, who started in the business working for the Joe Simon/Jack Kirby studio and ended up replacing them on Captain America when the legendary duo moved back to DC Comics.

The Boy Heroes were a group of non-superpowered teens who battled everything from spies to ghosts.
Every comics company had at least one such kid group during the Golden Age, almost all of them created by the team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, including DC's Newsboy Legion and Boy Commandos and Timely/Marvel's Tough Kid Squad. and, as we see here, Harvey's Boy Heroes!

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