Thursday, January 19, 2012

Captain's Library: HOT WHEELS "Wipe-Out at LeMans" Conclusion

We Have Already Seen...
Art by Alex Toth and Dick Giordano
Flashback...10 years ago...LeMans...7 year-old Jack Wheeler witnesses his father Mike's near-fatal crash, which ends the racer's career.
But, Mike's indomitable will and knowledge of autos enables him to set up his own business building and reparing high-end sports cars.
Jack,, now 17, shares his father's love of cars and racing, and wants to eventually race professionally.
Unfortunately, Dexter Carter, son of Metro City's richest resident, and his cronies have run roughshod over the local streets, forcing citizens to demand revoking the licenses of drivers under 21!
To forestall such Draconian action, Jack forms the Hot Wheels club to promote safe driving both on the streets and at local drag meets...
Story by Joe Gill.
Art by Alex Toth and Dick Giordano.
In the late 1960s, groups including Action for Children's Television protested against violence in Saturday morning programming.
The networks, bowing to the pressure, cancelled all their animated action-adventure series.
New shows were pitched with much less "violence", and with heavy-handed moralistic messages attached to the end of the episodes. (Play fair! Racism is bad! Don't steal! etc.)
One of those shows was Pantomine Pictures' Hot Wheels.
Based on the die-cast auto toys from Mattel, the show, along with studiomate Sky Hawks featured character design work by Alex Toth.
We'll go into greater detail about the show when we present issue #2 in a few weeks!

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