Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Captain's Library: HOT WHEELS "Dragstrip Finals...Dragstrip Disaster!!!" Conclusion

Somewhat misleading cover art by Alex Toth, Neal Adams & Dick Giordano
Competing against the national champion, Jack Wheeler's drag racer explodes due to sabotage by rich snot Dexter Carter.
Confronted, Dexter denies the charge and challenges Jack to a "no holds barred" drag race one month later.
Unable to prove Dexter's guilt, Jack agrees, and he and the Hot Wheels spend the month preparing a super-dragster.
With only one day to the race, Dexter steals the car, replacing it with a barely-functioning wreck.
The Hot Wheels, short of time, work around the clock to make the clunker operational.
The next morning, before the race, a confident Dexter bets his expensive customized dragster that he can beat Jack.
And the races are ON...
This tale of jet power and just desserts from Hot Wheels #2 (1970) was scripted by Joe Gill, penciled by Alex Toth, and inked by Dick Giordano, who also edited the book.

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