Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Captain's Library: SPACE: 1999 "Breakaway" (Power Records) Conclusion

We have already seen...
Art by Rich Bucker and Dick Giordano
Problems plague the upcoming Meta Probe mission and newly-appointed commander of MoonBase Alpha, John Koenig, discovers the "official" story to be a pack of lies with the "virus" ravaging the personnel actually being magnetic radiation from the nuclear waste pits on the far side of the Moon.
And there's another, unexpected, problem besides the deterioration of human brains and bodies...
The writer who adapted the screenplay is unknown, but the art is by Rich Buckler, Dick Giordano, Frank McLaughlin, and the Continuity Studios crew.
There were two lp albums from Power Records of Space: 1999 stories.
The first one featured three adaptations of Year One stories: "Breakaway", "Death's Other Dominion" and "Mission of the Darians".
Only "Breakaway" was adapted into separate comic book form with a 45 rpm record.
The second lp album, despite having Year Two cover photos (including Maya and Tony Verdeschi), consisted of two Year One adaptations; "Dragon's Domain" and  "End of Eternity" and two original tales; "Return to the Beginning" (adapted into comics form with a 45 rpm lp record) and "It Played So Softly on the Ear" which were based on the Year One format.

Oddly, though rocketry pioneer Wernher Von Braun gave the show a commendation, noted science fact/science fiction author Isaac Asimov railed against the series' scientific inaccuracies in a couple of newspaper and magazine articles, HERE and HERE.
"Breakaway" is probably the single most-adapted tv show episode or movie in history!
In English alone, there's no less than three different comic book versions (all of which we've presented), plus a novelization, a short story that appeared in the first British Space:1999 Annual, as well as the story being adapted into EC Tubb's epic EarthFall novel which, after the incidents of "Breakaway", did an "alternate-universe" story covering decades, and finally returning two generations of Alphans to Earth!

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