Thursday, March 29, 2012

Captain's Library: SPACE PATROL "Lady of Diamonds"

Another classic 1950s sci-fi series debuts...
...a saga of those who protect the 30th Century space-lanes in both the video and audio realms!
Tonga later reformed and ended up as the Assistant Security Chief for the entire Space Patrol organization!
Space Patrol ran Monday thru Friday on tv and semi-weekly on radio from 1950 to 1955, using the same performers for both media.
For a more extensive look at the tv and radio shows go HERE.
This comic book adaptation from Ziff-Davis Publishing ran for only two issues in 1952, and was written by Philip Evans (who did a lot of movie and tv tie-ins and co-created Drift Marlo, about a special investigator at Cape Kennedy), and illustrated by Bernie Krigstein (who also did SpaceBusters, a comic series about intergalactic Marines, before moving on to EC Comics, where he achieved his greatest fame).
The book ended not due to poor sales, but because Ziff-Davis left the comic book business during the "comics cause juvenile delinquency" controversy of the early 1950s, deciding to concentrate on publishing magazines instead, and still continuing to this day as seen HERE.

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