Thursday, April 19, 2012

Captain's Library: CAPTAIN NICE "Fowl Play"

Created by Buck (Get Smart) Henry in 1967, this show was NBC's answer to ABC's Batman...
...but neither the show nor spin-off comic lasted very long!
William Daniels as the wimpy-in-either-identity Carter Nash/Captain Nice was quite good, but the supporting cast lacked the finesse and panache that the second banana performers on Get Smart had.
There was, for example, no villain on a par with Bernie Kopell's merrily-manical Siegfried!
Another problem was doing convincing super-hero-style special effects work on a tv budget.
The scripts called for a lot of elaborate slapstick stunts, but the wires were constantly-showing.
This tale from the one-shot Captain Nice (1967) from Gold Key was illustrated by Joe Certa and Mike Roy.
Unfortunately, Certa is not very good at likenesses (besides William Daniels' visage), and is totally-unsuited to doing humor.
Like the tv series, it's a misfire, but an interesting curiosity of the Swingin' 60s!

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