Friday, August 10, 2012

Captain's Library: CAPTAIN VIDEO "Missiles of Doom"

It's been too long since we presented a tale of our blog's namesake... here he is, back in action, doing what he does best; defending America with super-science, this time, from his arch-enemy, Dr Pauli!
This story from Fawcett Comics' Captain Video #5 (1951) was penciled by George Evans and inked by Martin Thal.
You'll note that the Captain and Video Ranger now look like actors Al Hodge and Don Hastings, who played them on TV, instead of the generic "handsome hero". 
(but Dr Pauli still doesn't look like actor Hal Conklin.)
And, the story is far more elaborate and far-reaching than anything ever shown on tv (or even the movie serial).
Only in the comic, unencumbered by financial or special effect restrictions, was the full, unfettered potential of the show realized.

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