Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Captain's Library & Theatre: SPACE: 1999 "This Insect Earth" Conclusion & "Return to the Beginning"

Art byArnaldo Putzu
...the synopsis below covers everything you need to know up to this point!
The next story arc takes them to Mars, still over a thousand years in the future!
This tale from Look-In magazine was written by Angus P Allen and illustrated by John M Burns (who had worked on Lady Penelope, but is best known for his art on Judge Dredd and Dan Dare).
Yesterday, we mentioned another version of the "Moon returns to Earth in another time period" plot, so here it is...
"Return to the Beginning" as presented by Power Records!

It's the second and last Power Records story (besides "Breakaway") adapted into comic form.
(The other Space: 1999 audio stories weren't illustrated.)
Art by Rich Buckler, Russ Heath, Mike Netzer, Alan Weiss, and Dick Giordano (and possibly other Continuity Associates/Crusty Bunker personnel).

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