Friday, January 25, 2013

Captain's Library & Theatre: SUPERCAR "Dangerous Rescue" Conclusion

When Last We Left The Marvel of the Age (as the theme song describes it)...
Art by George Wilson
Investigating a volcano about to erupt, Dr Beeker lands near it's base to set up recording devices while Mike Mercury flies Supercar around to the other side to plant more sensors.
But the volcano begins erupting ahead of it's predicted time, and Beeker is trapped!
Mike pilots Supercar back to rescue Beeker, but a volcanic rock, propelled by the eruption, cracks the vehicle's canopy, compromising the ship's ability to protect the crew from poisonous fumes spewing from the volcano.
Mike lands and detaches the canopy to effect repairs while Professor Popkiss uses a remote control system at their headquarters to send Supercar back to Dr Beeker.
However, without the canopy, more rocks hit the vehicle's interior, damaging the controls.
Popkiss manages to guide Supercar back to Mike Mercury, who has finished patching the canopy, and re-attaches it to the ship to make another attempt to retrive the stranded Beeker...
The cover story from Gold Key's Supercar #3 (1963) was written by Paul S Newman and illustrated by Ray Osrin.
Since we mentioned the theme song earlier, here it is...

Catchy, eh?
Be back next week for another Gerry Anderson series in comic form!

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