Thursday, May 9, 2013

Captain's Library: JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS Part 2

Foiled in his attempt to avenge his family's murder, Jason is given the task of finding the magical Golden Fleece.
He stages a contest to assemble the greatest adventurers alive into a ship's crew, and commissions Argus, the finest shipbuilder in Greece, to build a vessel capable of traveling anywhere...
This Dell Comics adaptation is listed as Movie Classic #12-376-31, not "Four Color #????" as most of the Dell one-shots were.
Written by Paul S Newman and illustrated by Maurice Whitman, Dick Giordano, and Vince Colletta (with a couple of re-drawn panels by Mike Sekowsky), the adaptation is remarkably-faithful to the finished film with good likenesses of the actors and Harryhausen-created creatures.

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