Friday, June 6, 2014

Captain's Library GREEN HORNET "Ring of Terror" Conclusion

When Last We Left MeTV's other Dynamic Duo...
Newspaper publisher Britt Reid discovers an old friend and her scientist father are being forced by gangsters to manufacture a drug that renders people susceptible to orders to perform illegal acts, then forget they did them!
In his alter ego of The Green Hornet, the masked man and his partner, Kato, break into the home of the scientist and his daughter, now serving as the criminals' base of operations!
What The Hornet doesn't know is that Reid's friend has been drugged, armed, and ordered to kill Reid himself!
Written by Paul S Newman (not the actor) and illustrated by Dan Spiegle, this tale followed the format of the first few episodes (playing up the "masked detective" angle, and downplaying the fight sequences) perfectly.
When polls showed that the audience wanted more action, additional fights were written in, playing up Bruce Lee's martial arts skills.
This proved invaluable when, after Lee died in 1973, a pair of compilation films were released during the Kung Fu craze of the mid-1970s... seen in these trailers for the films...
But, because the show only ran one season of 26 episodes, its rarely shown in syndicated reruns, where long-running shows could be aired Monday through Friday without repeating for months.
As a result, most fans under 40 only knew the tv version of The Green Hornet and Kato via their guest appearance on Batman!
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(You can read about that now-legendary meeting HERE)
Fans have long clamored for a sequel of some kind.
Almost 50 years later, the tv versions of the characters meet once a new comic mini-series!
...which is currently in comic shops and available as a digital download on Comixology!

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