Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Spies Who Love ME--Week 2

Here's some facts and trivia about the eps in Sunday's... of shows...
"The Iowa-Scuba Affair" is the first regular episode of the series.
Several months passed after the pilot was shot, so there are a number of changes, including a new character as the boss...Leo G Carroll as Alexander Waverly, a pre-title sequence explaining directly to the tv audience who they are, and very little Illya (one of the reasons he's featured in the "explanation scene").
The re-shoots involving Mr Waverly used in "The Vulcan Affair" to replace scenes with original boss Will Kuluva as Mr Allison were done during the fiming of this episode.
Director Richard Donner has numerous genre credits including the original Omen (1976) and Superman the Movie (1978).
Scriptwriter Harold Jack Bloom also co-wrote the James Bond film You Only Live Twice, making him the only writer to work on both Man from UNCLE  and James Bond live-action projects.
"The Merchant" is a couple of seasons later than the episode that aired last week.
Martin Landau as Rollin Hand and Barbara Bain as Cinnamon Carter had been replaced by Leonard Nimoy as Paris and Lesley Ann Warren as Dana Lambert.
It's also the final episode for both characters.
(BTW, if I have to tell you who Leonard Nimoy is, you're reading the wrong blog.)
The villain is George Saunders, who played both heroes (The Saint and The Falcon in film series) and villains (Mr Freeze on Batman, and twice as THRUSH agent G Emory Partridge, one of the few returning baddies on Man from UNCLE)
Midnight (ET) Get Smart
"Humbert's Unfinished Symphony" features Richard Webb, who played TV's Captain Midnight, as a police officer.
The concert hall owner is Bert Freed, who usually played someone loathsome and/or sleazy in films like Invaders from Mars and on TV shows like The Green Hornet and The Rifleman.
The episode originally-aired before last week's "Ship of Spies" two-parter, and also featured Victor French as Agent 44.
The villain in the other episode, "Shipment to Beriut", is Lee Bergere, whom Star Trek fans will recognize as the pseudo-Abraham Lincoln from the episode "Savage Curtain"
1am (ET) The Saint
"To Kill a Saint" features two actors best-known on TV for their voices, rather than their faces.
Casino owner Paul Verrier is Peter Dyneley, who was the voice of Jeff Tracy, father and leader of the Tracy family who operated International Rescue in the 1960s Thunderbirds TV series and two feature films, Thunderbirds are GO! and Thunderbird 6.
He also appeared in two earlier Saint episodes (as different characters).
Francis Matthews, who plays Verrier's aide Andre, used his amazing vocal similarity to Cary Grant to voice the lead character of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (whose appearance was based on Grant).
Matthews had also appeared previously on The Saint as another character.

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