Saturday, September 3, 2016

Be Here September 9th, 2016...

...because exactly 50 years ago on that date...
...(also a Friday), The Green Hornet premiered!
Join us for a weekly re-presentation of all 26 episodes running exactly 50 years ago from the week they were originally broadcast!
 First up, "The Silent Gun", the third episode produced, but the first one aired!
(Gee, just like Star Trek, which aired "The Man Trap", their third episode produced as their premiere episode the night before, September 8th, 1966!)
Plus, over at our "brother" RetroBlog, Hero Histories, the never-reprinted three-issue 1966 comic series based on the TV show will be re-presented, digitally-remastered for maximum readability!
Don't Miss It!

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  1. I'll be here. Why is this not on DVD? A crime I say.

    Rip Off