Friday, September 9, 2016

Captain's Theatre THE GREEN HORNET "The Silent Gun"

Exactly 50 years ago today, at 7:30 pm Eastern time...
...ABC-TV's other Dynamic Duo made their first TV appearance!
Though the third episode filmed, it was the first one aired, a distinction it shares with Star Trek (which premiered the night before)!
You'll note the "tag scene", (the short scene after the last commercial, but before the final credits usually wrapping up loose plot threads and ending with a joke) is missing, indicating this video is from the Encore Action Channel airings a decade ago.
(The MeTV and Sci-Fi Channel [now SyFy] versions had the "tag scene", but they also had commercials, and Sci-Fi Channel cut the 26-minute episodes to 22 minutes to allow extra commercials.)
The scene featured Mike Axford commenting to Britt Reid and Lenore Case, that, though the two criminals the Green Hornet set up were captured, the "silent gun" had disappeared!
Axford comments he hopes the gun hasn't fallen into The Green Hornet's evil hands as Reid and Case nod in obviously mock agreement!
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