Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Captain's Library COUNTDOWN Part 1

With the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing coming this weekend...
...we thought we'd take a look at an almost-forgotten flick from the 1960s that combined the then-near future Moon trip with Commie paranoia!
To Be Continued...
Based on a 1964 novel by Hank Searls, the movie had a troubled production with original director Robert Altman's cut re-edited because he tried the Howard Hawks method of having actors do overlapping dialogue, which had fallen out of favor (but would make comeback a few years later!)
The late, great, Roger Ebert has a kool review HERE.
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Pilgrim Project
by Hank Searls
The Gemini-era novel that Countdown the movie was adapted from.
Note the 1950s-style "rocket with fins" artwork!
It was not reprinted with a new, movie-themed cover, as is the practice when movies/tv shows are adapted from novels.
It was reprinted in the 1970s, without reference to CountDown on the cover or inside!

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