Monday, October 28, 2019

Captain's Library WAR-GODS OF THE DEEP Part 2

After the body of a recently-arrived lawyer is found on the beach, scientist Ben Harris, informs the solicitor's sole client, Jill Tregellis, about the death.
While visiting her, he discovers a strange fish/human creature ransacking a room!
The merman mysteriously escapes, but returns and kidnaps Jill, taking her though a concealed passage...
Is it...The End?
Will Lyonesse...and all destroyed?
The Exciting Conclusion can be found here...
The film was "inspired" by Edgar Allan Poe's poem "City In the Sea", which is quoted in both the opening of the film and the comic's splash page, and the flick was marketed as part of AIP's "Poe Cycle" series.
In fact, it was released in several foreign markets, including England, as City Under the Sea!
However, unlike Richard Matheson's adaptation of The Raven, this script by Charles Bennett, Louis M (Dr Goldfoot movies) Heyward, and David (Doctor Who) Whitaker is entirely-new, with a plot and characters not in the poem
Dell's War-Gods of the Deep (1965) one-shot is actually #900 in their Movie Classics series.
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