Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Captain's Library ADVENTURES OF JERRY LEWIS "Jerry Meets the New Wonder Woman" Conclusion

The then-non-super-powered Wonder Woman meets fan Jerry Lewis and his nephew Renfriew!
After Jerry accidentally injures her, Diana, Jerry, and Renfriew are teleported to Paradise Island to rescue her mother who has been kidnapped by Zodor the Barbarian.
Jerry, with the aid of Amazon Brawnhilde, defeats Zodor's best warrior, Bulque.
Now they must figure out how to rescue Diana's mother, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons!
According to the sales figures at the bottom of the last page, this book was selling 174,000 copies an issue?
DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and the others would kill for those sort of sales figures today!

Note: We originally-planned to present the never-reprinted...
..based on the lost TV series Once a Hero, but Lewis' passing has inspired (if that's the word) us to present his never-reprinted team-ups with DC Comics' icons!
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