Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Captain's Library: THE TIME MACHINE Part 2

What has gone before...
Just after New Year's Day, 1900, an inventor named George invited his closest friends to dinner at his home.
He showed up atypically late, exhausted, his clothes in tatters, then began to relate the startling tale of what happened to him.
He spoke of how he had developed a device to travel back and forth in time, and demonstrated a prototype to them several days earlier, and how they dismissed it as special effects trickery.
And, he informed them that, after they left for the evening, he decided to use the full-sized version of the device himself.
After making small jumps of minutes, then hours, George decides to really test the Time Machine's capabilities...
Why aren't they safe?
What threat could possibly exist in this idyllic Eden?
Discover the terrifying secret tomorrow...if you dare!

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