Thursday, May 5, 2011

Captain's Library: DR WHO & THE DALEKS Conclusion

Dr Who, his granddaughters Susan and Barbara, along with Barbara's boyfriend Ian, accidentally activate Who's time-and-space machine, the TARDIS, and travel to an alien world where they become involved an a centuries-long war between two races, the humanoid Thals and the life-support device-enclosed Daleks.
While the comic's scripter is unknown, the art was by Dick Giordano and Sal Trapani.

Encouraged by the box office for this film, Amicus adapted the second Dalek story into an even more-expensive feature film, Daleks-Invasion Earth: 2150 AD.
There was no American comic adaptation of the second Dr Who movie.

Here's a kool bonus for our faithful fans: a LINK to a post on another of our blogs featuring both the American and British trailers for the movie and an official link to the complete Dr Who and the Daleks movie online and free!

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