Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Captain's Library: LONE RANGER THE MOVIE Part 1

Your eyes do not deceive you, fans!
There are cowboys and Indians running around here!
As a comic adaptation of a feature film based on a tv series based on a dramatic radio show about a masked hero, I felt this tale qualified as Captain Video material.
It's the never-reprinted adaptation of the 1956 feature film which was filmed right before the final season of the tv series began.
It was also the first color live-action Lone Ranger people saw!

However, this story is so big (over 60 pages) that it'll take more than one blog to tell it!
The story starts here, in the Secret Sanctum today and tomorrow, continues in Hero & Heroine Histories™ for the middle two chapters, then concludes in Western Comics Adventures™ on the 4th of July!
Join us as we make Internet history with the first multi-blog serialized story!
The Masked Man KNOWS things are NOT what they seem!
Tomorrow, the Lone Ranger and Tonto infiltrate and investigate...
Don't miss it!
Same Blog Time!
Same Blog Feed!
 The adaptor of the movie script is unknown, but the art is by longtime Lone Ranger and Silver (yes, the horse had his own comic) artist Tom Gill with inking on some pages by Joe Sinnott.
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