Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Captain's Library: THE SHADOW Part 2

Shiwan Khan, last descendant of Genghis Khan, arrives in New York City to carry out his plans to rule the world.
Sensing a kindred spirit in The Shadow, he offers the cloaked crimefighter a chance to become his ally.
Meanwhile, The Shadow, in his alter-ego of Lamont Cranston, has met the lovely Margo Lane, possessor of the ability to read the thoughts of He Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men and daughter of atomic scientist Reinhardt Lane!
The Shadow (as Cranston) seeks out Dr. Roy Tam, whose life he saved earlier, to find out about a coin sent to him by Khan...
When offered the chance to do the movie adaptation, Michael Kaluta (along with co-writer Joel Goss) kept the most of the script, but deleted the opening scenes in Tibet, and created a new framing sequence involving reporter Clyde Burke, one of The Shadow's agents in pulps and comics (who does not appear in the movie).
(You'll also note some scenes that are separate in the film are combined in the comic, though whether that's due to the fact they were working from an earlier version of the screenplay or Goss and Kaluta's idea is unknown)
Kaluta ignored the movie's production design for costumes, sets and props, and used his own versions of the characters, not trying to make them match the actors' likenesses, as most movie adaptations do.
In fact, the character designs give us the feeling it's a continuation of his classic 1970s DC Comics run!
The only concession to the movie was making Margo Lane blonde instead of brunette.

Join us tomorrow as we present more of...The Shadow...Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha...

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