Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Captain's Library: FRANKENSTEIN Conclusion

Dr Frankenstein reanimated a body composed of parts from various recently-dead men.
Unfortunately, the brain used in the Monster was not normal, but that of a criminal.
The Monster escapes, and accidentally causes the deaths of a young boy and girl.
The enraged townspeople burn the doctor's castle and laboratory to the ground, but Frankenstein, his aide Fritz, and the Monster escape thru a secret tunnel and make their way to the docks, where they board a ship to America...
While Dell did publish Frankenstein #2-4 in 1966, it went even further from the concept of the novel and book, making the Monster into a superhero (I'm not kidding!)
You'll be seeing him over at Hero & Heroine Histories™ during our October salute to Frankenstein  in the comics.
The adaptation we've just presented was written by Don Segall, penciled and inked by Bob Jenney (who did a number of movie adaptations for Dell, including The Mummy and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians).
Van Helsing enlists martial arts masters to battle vampires as we present the never-reprinted comic adaptation of the final Hammer Dracula movie...

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