Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Captain's Library: FRANKENSTEIN Part 1

Based (very loosely) on the 1931 movie and original novel...
...and updated to the then-present day of 1964!
What will happen when Dr. Frankenstein, Fritz, and the Monster reach America?
(Watching your dvd/vhs of the movie won't help since this part of the comic is totally-new!)

The Universal Monsters experienced a resurgence of interest in the mid-1960s due to airings on late-night tv and weekend Creature Feature-type shows with funky hosts like Zacherley, Vampira, and Svengoolie. as well as the hit tv show The Munsters, based on humorous versions of the monsters, and the full-color (and gorier) Hammer Studios versions of the characters playing in movie theatres.
(Oddly, there was very little US merchandise based on the Hammer versions in the 1960s, at least in America!)
A slew of new merchandise based on the Universal "classic" versions was issued including t-shirts, model kits, and, of course, comics.
Adaptation written by Don Segall, penciled and inked by Bob Jenney (who did a number of movie adaptations for Dell).

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