Monday, October 31, 2011

Captain's Library: THE MONSTER CLUB Conclusion

While standing outside a bookstore displaying his works, noted horror author R Chetwynd-Hayes is accosted by a vampire.
The sanginarian, Eramus by name, is enthralled with the fact that his latest snack is a revered writer of the macabre.
To apologize, Eramus brings Chetwynd-Hayes to an establishment with a most exclusive clientele...monsters only, in order to provide the writer with inspiration for future stories!
The vampire regales his guest with a tale and is about to begin another, when a stripper...with a difference...takes the stage...
As a special bonus, the text feature by adaptation writer Dez Skinn that accompanied the story...
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The movie is adapted from the novel The Monster Club and the short story "My Mother Married a Vampire", both by R Chetwynd-Hayes, a real British horror writer!
(The original novel didn't have Chetwynd-Hayes as a character.
A young man named Donald McCloud is bitten by Eramus)

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