Thursday, October 13, 2011

Captain's Library: THE MUMMY Conclusion

As is wont to happen in movies, you open an ancient Egyptian tomb, and a curse is invoked, usually involving a reanimated mummy who wreaks havoc.
And that's about as much as this "adaptation" by Don Segall and Jack Sparling has in common with the 1931 Boris Karloff flick.
The entire plotline involving love across the ages (along with Imhotep himself) has been jettisoned.
Another mummy, Ahmed, with a totally-different motivation, has been substituted in this story...
Nope, he won't.
Unlike other Universal Monsters, there was no sequel comic series for The Mummy.
Which may have been for the best, as I don't think even the sometimes-demented mindset of the Swinging 60s could've made a mummy/superhero or mummy/spy comic work...

Much MORE monster mayhem to come!

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