Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Captain's Library: PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES Conclusion

The inhabitants of a Cornish village during the mid-1800s are dying from a mysterious plague.
The local doctor, Peter Thompson sends for outside help from his scientist friend Sir James Forbes, who arrives with his daughter Sylvia.
Sir James and Dr. Thompson disinter the corpses that were recently buried, except all the coffins are empty!
The duo encounter zombies walking near an old, deserted tin mine on the estate of Squire Clive Hamilton, escape, then learn that the squire lived in Haiti for several years and practiced voodoo rituals, as well as black magic!
Later that evening, Squire Hamilton pays Sylvia a visit.
Purposely, Hamilton manages to shatter a wine glass, and Sylvia cuts her finger on one of the sharp edges.
The Squire conceals that piece and then uses his voodoo magic to lure the heroine into venturing in the dark woods near the mine...
This movie was shot back-to-back with another Hammer movie, The Reptile, using the same sets and exteriors as well as some of the other film's cast, including Jacqueline Pierce, who played the female lead in Reptile and the second lead here!
Though the  tale was written for the screen, it was adapted into a novelette published in the second volume of a HTF series called the Hammer Horror Film Omnibus.

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