Monday, November 7, 2011

Captain's Library: GREEN HORNET "Masquerade"

For a change of pace, here's the last story from the third and final issue of the Silver Age Green Hornet's short-lived comic title based on the TV series which was based on a 1940s-50s radio series.
None of the Silver Age issues adapted tv episodes in the same manner the Golden Age Green Hornet title adapted radio episodes.
Script by Paul S Newman.
Art by Dan Spiegle, who illustrated all the tales during the Gold Key run*.
*It should be noted that Gold Key comic books rotated artists, basically using anyone who had time in their schedules, so it wasn't unusual for an ongoing series to use, for example, Mike Sekowsky on one issue, Don Heck the next, and Dan Spiegle, the one after that.
It resulted in some wildly-varying "looks" for licensed characters especially ones based on live actors and actresses, since some of the artists were better caricaturists than others...

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