Thursday, January 5, 2012

Captain's Library: CAPTAIN VIDEO "Project X" Conclusion

When Last We Left Our Heroes...
Captain Video and his aide, the Video Ranger, present world leaders with a way to build bridges across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with the same metal alloys used in constructing the evil robot Makano.
The United Nations agrees to finance a several-mile-long test bridge between two Pacific islands.
But Bundello Britt, wealthy munitions manufacturer, has other ideas.
Several weeks later, as construction proceeds, the site is attacked by an amphibious assault force.
Captain Video pursues the enemy, but, though he sinks a couple of them, most escape.
Video devises a speedy two-man submarine to ambush the attackers when they reappear.
When the fiends attack again, he destroys most of them and pursues them to their underwater base, which he damages heavily.
Bundello Britt self-destructs the base to destroy the evidence of his participation.
With the enemy base gone, and Video vigilant and ready for another attack, things settle down at the test bridge site...
Now that was epic!
We're starting to see a move away from stories that follow the tv series format in terms of scale.
A tale like this would've made a great feature film version had the show survived a year or two longer.
Art by George Evans & Martin Thal.

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