Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Captain's Library: MOONTRAP Part One

With Apollo 18, about a secret trip to the Moon to investigate aliens, opening this week...
...I thought we'd look at another movie with a similar theme that has been all-but-forgotten...
Stranded on the Moon with a beautiful alien and killer robots!
If this was how the last couple of Apollo flights had gone, we'd still have a space program!
Tomorrow, the astounding conclusion along with some kool trivia about this "lost" flick, such as "why do the two lead characters look like Bruce Campbell and Walter Koenig?"!

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  1. To anyone interested, a new Moontrap film is now in pre-production - Moontrap: Target Earth. Not a sequel but a new adventure in the "Moontrap universe." Follow news and details as they emerge at Facebook > Moontrap: Target Earth and Twitter @MTTargetEarth.