Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Captain's Library: VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA "Crime Island"

Return to the 1960s, when super-subs prowled the oceans... least on TV and in the pages of one of England's comic weeklies, TV Tornado!
I have no idea why Chief Curley goes ashore with Nelson instead of, say, Crane (who's called "Commander" instead of "Captain") or Kowalski.
It's nice, though, to see the usually ship-bound Chip get some action, even if he's misspelled "Mortin" instead of "Morton" and the art looks nothing like actor Bob Dowdell!
(And was "Chip" the character's name or just a nickname?)
While the artist swipes shots from the Gold Key comic book version, this is a new story written for the British audience and never published in America!

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  1. Crane's rank was "commander," but the commanding officer of a ship is usually addressed as "captain," regardless of rank.

    The artist here did a better job than Gold Key in depicting Admiral Nelson, IMHO. Gold Key's version often looked more like either Steve Canyon or Flash Gordon than Richard Basehart, and he usually looked too young to be a retired four-star officer.