Friday, May 18, 2012

Captain's Library: ALIEN Part 5

In deep space, the Weyland-Yutani refinery transport Nostromo intercepts a call from an unknown source.
The ship's computer awakens the crew from suspended animation and they are given the orders to land and investigate.
They discover a derelict alien spacecraft with a dead alien and a cargo hold filled with eggs, one of which unleashes it's contents onto the face of First Officer Kane.
Bringing the now-comatose Kane back on board, Science Officer Ash tries to remove the alien "face-hugger" without success, discovering the creature's blood is acidic, so cutting it away isn't an option.
Shortly after that, the "face hugger" simply detaches from Kane and dies.
With the threat apparently over and Kane awake and recovering, the ship leaves the planet, docks with it's cargo and heads for Earth.
However, the "Face Hugger" implanted an embryo in Kane which feeds off him, then bursts out, killing the First Officer in the process.
The crew improvises weapons and goes in search of the Alien, who grows and mutates into a far more lethal version, ambushing and killing both Captain Dallas and Technician Brett.
Now in command, Second Officer Ripley accesses "Mother", the ship's computer to figure out strategy...
The Nostromo is gone!
Ripley is the sole survivor!
The Alien threat is ended!
Or, is it...?
Be here tomorrow for the senses-shattering finale!
Written by Archie Goodwin, illustrated by Walt Simonson.

There's a new edition of this long-out-of-print graphic novel, scanned and mastered directly from the original art still in Walt Simonson's possession, coming out on May 28th!
You can pre-order it from Amazon in either Deluxe HardCover or Trade Paperback format.

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