Friday, June 29, 2012

Captain's Library & Theatre: JONNY QUEST "Mystery of the Lizard Men" Conclusion

Sent by the government to investigate disappearances in the Sargasso Sea, Dr Benton Quest, his aide/bodyguard "Race" Bannon, and his son, Jonny explore the area.
Race and Jonny discover the reason for the disappearances aboard a derelict ship...enemy spies armed with a powerful laser who plan to destroy America's next rocket launch!
Unfortunately, since the duo know too much, they must be liquidated...
As you watch the actual episode below, you'll note an entire sequence not included in the comic adaptation...

The cool "red" effect when the laser is fired isn't used in the comic adaptation (though it would've been easy to do), indicating that the comic's adaptors used the b/w storyboards without color reference (except for the main characters) or seeing the finished episode.
You'll note there's no Hadji in this episode (though he's in both the opening and closing credits).
The character was added to the series after the pilot was completed, and appears from episode 2, "Calcutta Adventure", onward.
Original script by Joseph Barbera, William Hanna, Alex Lovey, and Doug Wildey.
Comic adaptation author is unknown.
Art based on storyboards and renderings by Doug Wildey.

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