Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey CONAN THE DESTROYER Part 3

Conan and his associates are hired by Queen Taramis to assist Princess Jehnna steal a key (which only she can touch) from the wizard Thoth-Anon.
With the key, Jehnna can find the Horn of Dagoth and bring it to Taramis.
However, Taramis has instructed Jehnna's bodyguard, Bombaata, to slay Conan and his entourage once their task is completed.
With the key in hand, Conan and company escape Thoth-Amon's castle, just as it explodes...

Be here tomorrow for the big finale...
Working from a screenplay by Stanley Mann based on a plot by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, the adaptation is written by Michael Fleisher and this part of it is laid-out by John Buscema and penciled/inked by Pat Redding, Bob Camp, and Charles Vess!
It appeared in Marvel Super Special #35 (1984) and Conan the Destroyer #2 (1985), but has not been reprinted in the 30 years since.

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