Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey CONAN THE DESTROYER Conclusion

 ...well, the poster pretty much summarizes the story, so let's jump in as the evil queen's henchman brings the princess back to be sacrificed to the sleeping god Dagoth...
Art by Bob Camp
One thing that may throw readers for a loop is that the Dagoth is colored throughout the comic like a human wearing a leotard instead of a grey stone statue (as in the movie).
So, while he's described as a "sleeping god", without showing him as an immobile statue, the plot point requiring the horn to be inserted to restore his non-stone form is lost!

Working from a screenplay by Stanley Mann based on a plot by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, the adaptation is written by Michael Fleisher and this part of it is laid-out by John Buscema and penciled/inked by Pat Redding, Bob Camp, and Charles Vess!
It appeared in Marvel Super Special #35 (1984) and Conan the Destroyer #2 (1985), but has not been reprinted in the 30 years since, including the various Dark Horse reprint series that purport to be complete re-presentations of all Marvel's Conan material!
BTW, those reprints also leave out the adaptation of the 1982 Conan the Barbarian flick!

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